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Leon I. Behar P.C

Passionately representing clients for over 25 years

The law office of Leon I. Behar, P.C., Attorneys at Law, has passionately represented clients for over 25 years in New York State, New York City, New Jersey, Westchester, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Your legal interests are our priority. 

When it comes to your case, our dedicated attorneys are innovative in several different practice areas. Our practice areas include Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Litigation, Landlord-Tenant, Commercial Litigation, and Estate and Tax Planning.  While our focus is on litigation and transactions, we also engage in negotiations and collaborative mediation.  

Put your trust in us and see what it's like to have attorneys that are on your side. You can trust us and be confident that we will speedily and unequivocally remove your legal worries, handle your case effectively and efficiently, and advocate strongly on your behalf. 

Why Us? 

With over 25 years of litigation experience, Leon I. Behar, P.C.'s unique legal strategy, attention to your needs, and dedication to achieving the best results for our clients are the reasons for our success.  Check out our practice areas. 

We specialize in meeting the needs of landlords and tenants in all aspects of Landlord-Tenant Litigation and real estate related matters.

When it comes to Commercial Litigation, we advocate to win for you and are dedicated to achieving your goals and objectives.

Based on a why wait philosophy, we have incorporate the saying, "If not now, then when?" into our Estate and Tax Planning mantra. We offer customized estate plans that fit your wealth succession needs. We want your rights to dispose of your property freely to be respected by the courts, and will help you satisfy your duty to protect your loved ones, and ensure that they will be taken care of in the future. Our expertise in drafting simple or complex wills and trusts will ease your mind on all "what ifs," establish a plan to increase your accumulated wealth, set aside your childrens' college tuition, and do so with the goal of decreasing your current and future tax burden. 

What are you waiting for? Call Now! 

The law offices of Leon I. Behar, P.C. welcomes the most challenging legal issues and won't back down when you need someone to stand up for your rights  We will counsel you on the best course of action and will only render candid legal advice.  We pride ourselves on focusing on our clients first, and as such, are accessible to clients on daily basis. 

To setup your legal consultation, please e-mail or call us at (212) 242-0500.